Klinik für Kardiologie
Klinik für Kardiologie / Forschung
Dr. med. Enno Boudriot / Arbeitsgruppe
Pulmonary Hypertension

Over the last 10 years we developed to a high educated and specialized center for diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension. We provide all medical disciplines involved in the complex diagnostic process of PH. Our Clinic is accreditet as PH center according to ┬ž116b ot the Saxony State Ministry of Health Care.
In an outpatient department we care for patients with specific PH therapy
Project: Pulmonary vasoreactivity in patients with postcapillary, combined PH

Left Main Disease

First randomized study comparing CABG and PCI with DES for Unprotected Left Main disease were conducted in our departement. Since 2003 we collected a huge amount of experience and expertise in catheter treatment of ULM disease.
Projects: Registry for all patients treated by PCI or CABG with unprotected left main disease

Chronic Total Occlusions

We make 150 - 200 CTO-recanalizations per year and offer all antegrade and retrograde techniques. Our success rate is nearby 90% in average.
Project (planned): Patients with Chronic Total Occluded (CTO) coronary arteries randomized treated by OMT + Recanalization vs OMT alone.
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Klinik für Kardiologie