Universität Leipzig / Lehrstuhl für Kardiologie
Universität Leipzig / Lehrstuhl für Kardiologie
Publikationen im Jahr 1997
Adams V, Yu J, M├Âbius-Winkler S, Linke A, Weigl C, Hilbrich L, Schuler G, Hambrecht R
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Trapped Thrombus in a Patent Foramen Ovale.
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Identification of a ferritin light chain pseudogene near the glycerol kinase locus in Xp21 by cDNA amplification for identification of genomic expressed sequences (CAIGES).
Biochem Mol Med 1997; 60:169-173
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Effects of endurance training on mitochondrial ultrastructure and fiber type distribution in skeletal muscle of patients with stable chronic heart failure.
J Am Coll Cardiol 1997;29:1067-73.
Hany MA, Adams V, Moos R, Betts DR, Niggli FK, Briner J
Modern diagnostic methods in the Ewing┬┤s sarcoma family: Six patients with histologic soft tissue tumors.
Molecular Diagnosis 1997; 2:15-22.
Kempf W, Adams V, Wey N, Moos R, Schmid M, Avitabile E, Campadelli-Fiume G
CD68(+) cells of monocyte/macrophage lineage in the enviroment of AIDS-associated and classic-sporadic kaposi sarcoma are singly or doubly infected with human herpesviruses 7 and 6B.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1997; 94:7600-7605.
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Long-term multifactorial risk intervention attenuates progression of coronary artery disease: role of physical exercise.
Circulation 1997, 96:2534-2541.
Punkt K, Adams V, Linke A, Welt K
The correlation of cytophotometrically and biochemically measured enzyme activities: Changes in the myocardium of diabetic and hypoxic diabetic rats, with and without Ginkgo biloba extract treatment.
Acta Histochem. 1997; 99:291-299
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Z Kardiol 1997, 86:1000-1009
Zerkowski HR, Sch├╝ler S, Mohr FW, Teichmann W, Schuler G, Lilie H
Regionalisierung der Herztransplantation.
Dt Ärzteblatt 1997; 94:A2397-2398
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