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Publikationen mit Erst- oder Seniorautorschaft im Jahr 2014
Acou WJ, Bertagnolli L, Hindricks G, Arya A
Positional ventricular tachycardia in left ventricular assist device: a new frontier in ventricular tachycardia ablation.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(2): 65
Adams V, Erbs S
Influence of exercise training on HDL function
Clin Lipidol 2014; 9(4): 395-398
Adams V, Schuler G
Wirkmechanismus von Sport in der Pr?vention von kardiovaskul?ren Erkrankungen.
Aktuel Kardiol 2014; 3: 370-374
Bausback Y, Friedenberger J, Hertting K, Werner M, Branzan D, Freitas B, Piorkowski M, Schmidt A, Scheinert D
Renal denervation for hypertension refractory to renal artery stenting.
J Endovasc Ther 2014; 21(2): 181-190
Blazek S, Fengler K, Stiermaier T, Lurz P, Schuler G, F├╝rnau G
[Treatment of cardiogenic shock complicating acute myocardial infarction]
Herz 2014; 39(6): 702-710
Bode K, Rolf S, Sommer P, Richter S, Hindricks G
[Long-term results of catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: cure or just palliation?]
Herzschrittmacherther Elektrophysiol 2014; 25(4): 246-251
Botsios S, Bausback Y, Piorkowski M, Werner M, Branzan D, Scheinert D, Schmidt A
Late open conversion after endovascular aneurysm repair?
Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg 2014; 19(4): 622-626
Brecker S, Mealing S, Padhiar A, Eaton J, Sculpher M, Busca R, Bosmans J, Gerckens UJ, Wenaweser P, Tamburino C, Bleiziffer S, Piazza N, Moat N, Linke A
Cost-utility of transcatheter aortic valve implantation for inoperable patients with severe aortic stenosis treated by medical management: a UK cost-utility analysis based on patient-level data from the ADVANCE study.
Open Heart 2014; 1(1): e000155
Breithardt OA, Hindricks G
Correspondence on "Possible spontaneous PFO closure after thrombus trapped in PFO", Antonia Schulz et al.
Clin Res Cardiol 2014; 103:333-335. Clin Res Cardiol 2014; 103(10): 851-852
Dagres N, Rolf S, Hindricks G
Percutaneous left atrial appendage suture ligation: not ready for prime time.
J Am Coll Cardiol 2014; 64(6): 573-575
de Waha S, Desch S, Eitel I, F├╝rnau G, Lurz P, Sandri M, Schuler G, Thiele H
Reprint of "Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation-basic principles and clinical evidence".
Vascul Pharmacol 2014; 61(1): 30-34
de Waha S, Desch S, Eitel I, F├╝rnau G, Lurz P, Sandri M, Schuler G, Thiele H
Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation - basic principles and clinical evidence.
Vascul Pharmacol 2014; 60(2): 52-56
de Waha S, Eitel I, Desch S, F├╝rnau G, Lurz P, Schuler G, Thiele H
Association of upstream clopidogrel administration and myocardial reperfusion assessed by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction.
Eur Heart J Acute Cardiovasc Care 2014; 3(2): 110-117
de Waha S, Eitel I, Desch S, F├╝rnau G, Lurz P, Stiermaier T, Blazek S, Schuler G, Thiele H
Prognosis after ST-elevation myocardial infarction: a study on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging versus clinical routine.
Trials 2014; 15: 249
Desch S, Eitel I, Brosteanu O, Schuler G, Thiele H.
Reply: intracoronary versus intravenous abciximab bolus administration.
J Am Coll Cardiol 2014; 63(13): 1342
Desch S, Zeymer U, Werdan K, Schuler G, Thiele H
Management of acute myocardial infarction - Authors reply.
Lancet 2014; 383(9915): 410-411
Dinov B, Arya A, Bertagnolli L, Schirripa V, Schoene K, Sommer P, Bollmann A, Rolf S, Hindricks G
Early referral for ablation of scar-related ventricular tachycardia is associated with improved acute and long-term outcomes: results from the heart center of leipzig ventricular tachycardia registry.
Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2014; 7(6): 1144-1151
Dinov B, Fiedler L, Schonbauer R, Bollmann A, Rolf S, Piorkowski C, Hindricks G, Arya A
Outcomes in catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in dilated nonischemic cardiomyopathy compared with ischemic cardiomyopathy: results from the Prospective Heart Centre of Leipzig VT (HELP-VT) Study.
Circulation 2014; 129(7): 728-736
Dinov B, Kosiuk J, Kircher S, Bollmann A, Acou WJ, Arya A, Hindricks G, Rolf S
Impact of metabolic syndrome on left atrial electroanatomical remodeling and outcomes after radiofrequency ablation of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.
Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2014; 7(3): 483-489
Efimova E, Riahi S, Fiedler L, Esato M, Sommer P, Richter S, Breithardt O, Rolf S, Bollmann A, Hindricks G, Arya A
Adenosine sensitivity of retrograde fast pathway conduction in patients with slow-fast atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia: a prospective study.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(5): 871-876
Eitel C, Hindricks G, Grothoff M, Gutberlet M, Sommer P
Catheter ablation guided by real-time MRI.
Curr Cardiol Rep 2014; 16(8): 511-517
Eitel I, de Waha S, Wohrle J, F├╝rnau G, Lurz P, Pauschinger M, Desch S, Schuler G, Thiele H
Comprehensive prognosis assessment by CMR imaging after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.
J Am Coll Cardiol 2014; 64(12): 1217-1226
F?rnau G, Thiele H
Revaskularisation und periinterventionelle Therapie im infarktbedingten kardiogenen Schock
Kardiologie up2date 2014; 10: 159-167
F├╝rnau G, Eitel I, Wohrle J, Kerber S, Lauer B, Pauschinger M, Schwab J, Birkemeyer R, Pfeiffer S, Mende M, Brosteanu O, Neuhaus P, Desch S, de Waha S, Gutberlet M, Schuler G, Thiele H.
Impact of long-term statin pretreatment on myocardial damage in ST elevation myocardial infarction (from the AIDA STEMI CMR Substudy).
Am J Cardiol 2014; 114(4): 503-509
F├╝rnau G, Poenisch C, Eitel I, de Waha S, Desch S, Schuler G, Adams V, Werdan K, Zeymer U, Thiele H.
Growth-differentiation factor 15 and osteoprotegerin in acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock: a biomarker substudy of the IABP-SHOCK II-trial.
Eur J Heart Fail 2014; 16(8): 880-887
F├╝rnau G, Poss J, Denks D, Desch S, Heine GH, Eitel I, Seiler S, de Waha S, Ewen S, Link A, Schuler G, Adams V, Bohm M, Thiele H
Fibroblast growth factor 23 in acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock: a biomarker substudy of the intra-aortic balloon pump in cardiogenic shock II (IABP-SHOCK II) trial.
Crit Care 2014; 18(6): 713
Gaspar T, Piorkowski C, Gutberlet M, Hindricks G
Three-dimensional real-time MRI-guided intracardiac catheter navigation.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(9): 589-589
Grittner F, Daehnert I, Gutberlet M, Lurz P
Late diagnosis of a congenital apical ventricular septal defect with complete closure by right ventricular trabeculations.
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 2014; 15(2): 230
Haussig S, Linke A
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Indications Should be Expanded to Lower-Risk and Younger Patients.
Circulation 2014; 130(25): 2321-2331
Haussig S, Schuler G, Linke A
Treatment of a failing St. Jude Medical Trifecta by Medtronic Corevalve Evolut valve-in-valve implantation.
JACC Cardiovasc Interv 2014; 7(7): 81-82
Haussig S, Schuler G, Linke A
Worldwide TAVI registries: what have we learned?
Clin Res Cardiol 2014; 103(8): 603-612
Heinz Kuck K, Hindricks G
The Year in Cardiology 2013: arrhythmias.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(8): 485-490
Hilbert S, Kosiuk J, Hindricks G, Bollmann A
Blood pressure and autonomic responses to electrical stimulation of the renal arterial nerves before and after ablation of the renal artery.
Int J Cardiol 2014; 177(2): 669-671
Hindricks G, Elsner C, Piorkowski C, Taborsky M, Geller JC, Schumacher B, Bytesnik J, Kottkamp H
Quarterly vs. yearly clinical follow-up of remotely monitored recipients of prophylactic implantable cardioverter-defibrillators: results of the REFORM trial.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(2): 98-105
Hindricks G, Packer DL
Moving catheter ablation forward from paroxysmal to persistent atrial fibrillation: progress, limitations, and surprises of the SARA trial
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(8): 482-484
Hindricks G, Taborsky M, Glikson M, Heinrich U, Schumacher B, Katz A, Brachmann J, Lewalter T, Goette A, Block M, Kautzner J, Sack S, Husser D, Piorkowski C, Sogaard P
Implant-based multiparameter telemonitoring of patients with heart failure (IN-TIME): a randomised controlled trial.
Lancet 2014; 384(9943): 583-590
H├Âllriegel R, Fischer J, Schuler G
Early Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support for 5-Fluorouracil-induced Acute Heart Failure with Cardiogenic Shock.
Heart Views 2014; 15(1): 26-28
Husser D, Knopp H, Bollmann A, Hindricks G, Halm UP
Reply to the editor--Left atrium, vagal nerve, and esophagus: a complex system in atrial fibrillation.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(9): 53-54
Knopp H, Halm U, Lamberts R, Knigge I, Zachaus M, Sommer P, Richter S, Bollmann A, Hindricks G, Husser D
Incidental and ablation-induced findings during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in patients after ablation of atrial fibrillation: a retrospective study of 425 patients.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(4): 574-578
Kornej J, Dinov B, Blann AD, Rolf S, Arya A, Schmidl J, Husser D, Hindricks G, Bollmann A, Lip GY
Effects of radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation on soluble P-selectin, von Willebrand factor and IL-6 in the peripheral and cardiac circulation.
PLoS One 2014; 9(11): e111760
Kornej J, Hindricks G, Arya A, Sommer P, Husser D, Rolf S, Bollmann A
Presence and extent of coronary artery disease as predictor for AF recurrences after catheter ablation: The Leipzig Heart Center AF Ablation Registry.
Int J Cardiol 2014; 181C: 188-192
Kornej J, Hindricks G, Bollman A
Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation as chronic kidney disease treatment.
J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2014; 25(12): E7
Kornej J, Hindricks G, Kosiuk J, Arya A, Sommer P, Husser D, Rolf S, Richter S, Huo Y, Piorkowski C, Bollmann A
Comparison of CHADS2, R2CHADS2, and CHA2DS2-VASc scores for the prediction of rhythm outcomes after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: the Leipzig Heart Center AF Ablation Registry.
Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2014; 7(2): 281-287
Kosiuk J, Breithardt OA, Bode K, Kornej J, Arya A, Piorkowski C, Gaspar T, Sommer P, Husser D, Hindricks G, Bollmann A
The predictive value of echocardiographic parameters associated with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction on short- and long-term outcomes of catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation.
Europace 2014; 16(8): 1168-1174
Kosiuk J, Hindricks G, Bollmann A
Letter by Kosiuk et al regarding article, "implication of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in cryptogenic ischemic stroke".
Stroke 2014; 45(11): e234
Kosiuk J, Kornej J, Bollmann A, Piorkowski C, Myrda K, Arya A, Sommer P, Richter S, Rolf S, Husser D, Gaspar T, Lip GY, Hindricks G
Early cerebral thromboembolic complications after radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: incidence, characteristics, and risk factors.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(11): 1934-1940
Kosiuk J, Koutalas E, Doering M, Nedios S, Sommer P, Rolf S, Darma A, Breithardt OA, Dinov B, Hindricks G, Richter S, Bollmann A
Comparison of dabigatran and uninterrupted warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation undergoing cardiac rhythm device implantations. Case-control study.
Circ J 2014; 78(10): 2402-2407
Kosiuk J, Koutalas E, Doering M, Sommer P, Rolf S, Breithardt OA, Nedios S, Dinov B, Hindricks G, Richter S, Bollmann A
Treatment with novel oral anticoagulants in a real-world cohort of patients undergoing cardiac rhythm device implantations.
Europace 2014; 16(7): 1028-1032
Kosiuk J, Nedios S, Darma A, Rolf S, Richter S, Arya A, Piorkowski C, Gaspar T, Sommer P, Husser D, Hindricks G, Bollmann A
Impact of single atrial fibrillation catheter ablation on implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapies in patients with ischaemic and non-ischaemic cardiomyopathies.
Europace 2014; 16(9): 1322-1326
Kosiuk J, Nedios S, Kornej J, Koutalas E, Bertagnolli L, Rolf S, Arya A, Sommer P, Husser D, Hindricks G, Bollmann A
Impact of left atrial appendage morphology on peri-interventional thromboembolic risk during catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(9): 1522-1527
Linke A, Wenaweser P, Gerckens U, Tamburino C, Bosmans J, Bleiziffer S, Blackman D, Schafer U, Muller R, Sievert H, Sondergaard L, Klugmann S, Hoffmann R, Tchetche D, Colombo A, Legrand VM, Bedogni F, lePrince P, Schuler G, Mazzitelli D, Eftychiou C, Frerker C, Boekstegers P, Windecker S, Mohr FW, Woitek F, Lange R, Bauernschmitt R, Brecker S
Treatment of aortic stenosis with a self-expanding transcatheter valve: the International Multi-centre ADVANCE Study.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(38): 2672-2684
Lurz P, Eitel I, Klieme B, Luecke C, de Waha S, Desch S, F├╝rnau G, Klingel K, Kandolf R, Grothoff M, Schuler G, Gutberlet M, Thiele H
The potential additional diagnostic value of assessing for pericardial effusion on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with suspected myocarditis.
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 2014; 15(6): 643-650
Lurz P, Riede FT, Taylor AM, Wagner R, Nordmeyer J, Khambadkone S, Kinzel P, Derrick G, Schuler G, Bonhoeffer P, Giardini A, Daehnert I
Impact of percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation for right ventricular outflow tract dysfunction on exercise recovery kinetics.
Int J Cardiol 2014; 177(1): 276-280
Mangner N, Scheuermann K, Winzer E, Wagner I, H├Âllriegel R, Sandri M, Zimmer M, Mende M, Linke A, Kiess W, Schuler G, Korner A, Erbs S
Childhood obesity: impact on cardiac geometry and function.
JACC Cardiovasc Imaging 2014; 7(12): 1198-1205
Mangner N, Schuler G, Linke A
Remaining pitfalls and limitations of TAVI in 2014.
EuroIntervention 2014; 10(Suppl.U): 35-43
Matsuo Y, Sandri M, Mangner N, Majunke N, D├Ąhnert I, Schuler G, Kurabayashi M, Mobius-Winkler S
Interventional closure of the left atrial appendage for stroke prevention.
Circ J 2014; 78(3): 619-624
Nedios S, Kornej J, Koutalas E, Bertagnolli L, Kosiuk J, Rolf S, Arya A, Sommer P, Husser D, Hindricks G, Bollmann A
Left atrial appendage morphology and thromboembolic risk after catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(12): 2239-2246
Nedios S, Sommer P, Dagres N, Kosiuk J, Arya A, Richter S, Gaspar T, Kanagkinis N, Dinov B, Piorkowski C, Bollmann A, Hindricks G, Rolf S
Long-term follow-up after atrial fibrillation ablation in patients with impaired left ventricular systolic function: the importance of rhythm and rate control.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(3): 344-351
Oberbach A, Neuhaus J, Jehmlich N, Schlichting N, Heinrich M, Kullnick Y, Mohr FW, Kugler J, Baumann S, Volker U, Adams V
A global proteome approach in uric acid stimulated human aortic endothelial cells revealed regulation of multiple major cellular pathways.
Int J Cardiol 2014; 176(3): 746-752
Purerfellner H, Pokushalov E, Sarkar S, Koehler J, Zhou R, Urban L, Hindricks G
P-wave evidence as a method for improving algorithm to detect atrial fibrillation in insertable cardiac monitors.
Heart Rhythm 2014; 11(9): 1575-1583
Richter S, Doring M, Desch S, Hindricks G
ECG pitfall: anterior myocardial infarction in dextrocardia.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(28): 1887
Richter S, Hindricks G, D├Ąhnert I, Doring M
Left ventricular lead implantation guided by sensor-based electromagnetic navigation in a patient with L-transposition of the great arteries.
Eur Heart J 2014; 35(8): 500-500
Rolf S, Kircher S, Arya A, Eitel C, Sommer P, Richter S, Gaspar T, Bollmann A, Altmann D, Piedra C, Hindricks G, Piorkowski C
Tailored atrial substrate modification based on low-voltage areas in catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation.
Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2014; 7(5): 825-833
Rommel KP, Baum A, Mende M, Desch S, Gutberlet M, Schuler G, Thiele H, Eitel I
Prognostic significance and relationship of worst lead residual ST segment elevation with myocardial damage assessed by cardiovascular MRI in myocardial infarction.
Heart 2014; 100(16): 1257-1263
Rommel KP, Paech C, Grothoff M, Hindricks G, Breithardt OA
Abnormal ECG findings in a young patient with presyncope.
Heart 2014; 100(17): 1392-1395
Scheinert D, Duda S, Zeller T, Krankenberg H, Ricke J, Bosiers M, Tepe G, Naisbitt S, Rosenfield K
The LEVANT I (Lutonix paclitaxel-coated balloon for the prevention of femoropopliteal restenosis) trial for femoropopliteal revascularization: first-in-human randomized trial of low-dose drug-coated balloon versus uncoated balloon angioplasty.
JACC Cardiovasc Interv 2014; 7(1): 10-19
Schmidt A, Scheinert D
[Interventional treatment of peripheral artery occlusive disease]
Dtsch Med Wochenschr 2014; 139(40): 1979-1981
Schmidt A, Zeller T, Sievert H, Krankenberg H, Torsello G, Stark MA, Scheinert D
Photoablation using the turbo-booster and excimer laser for in-stent restenosis treatment: twelve-month results from the PATENT study.
J Endovasc Ther 2014; 21(1): 52-60
Sommer P, Richter S, Hindricks G, Rolf S
Non-fluoroscopic catheter visualization using MediGuide? technology: experience from the first 600 procedures.
J Interv Card Electrophysiol 2014; 40(3): 209-214
Sommer P, Rolf S, Piorkowski C, Gaspar T, Huo Y, Piedra C, Richter S, Bollmann A, Arya A, Hindricks G
Nonfluoroscopic catheter visualization in atrial fibrillation ablation: experience from 375 consecutive procedures.
Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2014; 7(5): 869-874
Stiermaier T, Adams V, Just M, Blazek S, Desch S, Schuler G, Thiele H, Eitel I
Growth differentiation factor-15 in Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: diagnostic and prognostic value.
Int J Cardiol 2014; 173(3): 424-429
Stiermaier T, Desch S, Blazek S, Schuler G, Thiele H, Eitel I
Frequency and significance of myocardial bridging and recurrent segment of the left anterior descending coronary artery in patients with takotsubo cardiomyopathy.
Am J Cardiol 2014; 114(8): 1204-1209
Stiermaier T, Heinz A, Schloma D, Kleinertz K, Danschel W, Erbs S, Linke A, Boudriot E, Lauer B, Schuler G, Thiele H, Desch S
Five-year clinical follow-up of a randomized comparison of a polymer-free sirolimus-eluting stent versus a polymer-based paclitaxel-eluting stent in patients with diabetes mellitus (LIPSIA Yukon trial).
Catheter Cardiovasc Interv 2014; 83(3): 418-424
Svitil J, Schuler G, Sandri M
Case report: Recurrent non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction caused by a compression of left internal mammary artery graft by transvenous pacemaker lead.
Clin Res Cardiol 2014; 103(10): 829-830
Thiele H, de Waha S, Zeymer U, Desch S, Scheller B, Lauer B, Geisler T, Gawaz M, Gunkel O, Bruch L, Klein N, Pfeiffer D, Schuler G, Eitel I
Effect of Aspiration Thrombectomy on Microvascular Obstruction in NSTEMI Patients: The TATORT-NSTEMI Trial.
J Am Coll Cardiol 2014; 64(11): 1117-1124
Uhlemann M, Mobius-Winkler S, Fikenzer S, Adam J, Redlich M, Mohlenkamp S, Hilberg T, Schuler GC, Adams V
Circulating microRNA-126 increases after different forms of endurance exercise in healthy adults.
Eur J Prev Cardiol 2014; 21(4): 484-491
Werner M, Paetzold A, Banning-Eichenseer U, Scheinert S, Piorkowski M, Ulrich M, Bausback Y, Braunlich S, Schmidt A, Scheinert D
Treatment of complex atherosclerotic femoropopliteal artery disease with a self-expanding interwoven nitinol stent: midterm results from the Leipzig SUPERA 500 registry.
EuroIntervention 2014; 10(7): 861-868
Werner M, Scheinert D
Drug eluting devices for critically ill patients: can we apply lessons learned from the treatment of peripheral artery disease?
Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2014; 77: 32-39
Winzer EB, Schuler GC
[Risk factor management of coronary heart disease: what is evidence-based?]
Herz 2014; 39(4): 483-494
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