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Reena Prajapati / CV

01.2023 til now   Doktorandin at Herzzentrum Leipzig - Helios, Universitätsklinik für Kardiologie
04.2018 - 03.2021   University of Würzburg, Germany
Master Biosciences BIO-EU
07.2013 - 07.2015   Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India
M.Sc. Bioinformatics
07.2012 - 07.2013   Kurukshetra University, Haryana
Bachelor of education
06.2009 - 07.2012   University of Delhi, India
B.Sc. Life Sciences
04.2008 - 06.2009   SKV Nangloi, Delhi, India
12th class CBSE board Medical with Math's
04.2006 - 04.2007   SKV Mundka Delhi, India
10th CBSE board
Research Experience

05.2021 - 10.2022   Research assistant on "post-pneumonia pulmonary interstitial macrophage re-composition and it's dependence on platelets" at UKM and WWU muenster
03.2020 - 01.2021   Master's thesis on "Differential gene expression analysis to gain insight in ferroptosis" at ICB, Helmholtz Zentrum München.
10.2019 - 01.2020   Validation of Aspergillus Fumigatus - Mus Musculus phagolysosome interactions using molecular biology techniques at Department for Bioinformatics Functional Genomics & Systems Biology group, Universität Würzburg
04.2017 - 06.2017   RNA sequencing analysis of Zebrafish to understand the mechanisms of cell division during development in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
10.2016 - 01.2017   Create a database on plant stress combination in National Institute of Plant Genome Research, Delhi
01.2015 - 06.2016   M. Sc. Dissertation from Dr. B.R Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi, India on "Influence of SNPs of non-RUNT domain region of RUNX1 on its structure and function using in-silico approach"
Seminars, Workshop and Grants

Nov 2nd - 4th 2021   Symposium - Inflammation & Imaging Symposium und Eröffnung des Multiscale Imaging Centres (MIC)
Sept 2020 - Jan 2021   Study compilation grant from Bavarian state ministry of science and the arts
June 9th - June 18th   "Machine Learning in Pharmacogenomics" Institut für Informatik, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
April 21st and 22nd 2020   "Introduction to R course" Core Facility Statistical Consulting, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany
May 8th - 10th 2019   short course on "Infection and Immunity" Helmholtz-Institut für RNA-basierte Infektionsforschung (HIRI) Würzburg, Germany
Dec 2nd - 7th 2017   The First World NCD Congress 2017: "Preventing Non- Communicable Diseases: Realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" Chandigarh, India
April 4th - 7th 2017   European Mathematical Genetics Meeting 2017 - An Intuitive Approach to Machine Learning, Estonia
March 24th - 25th 2017   Computer Simulation and Theory of Macromolecules (Poster presented), Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
Jan 29th - Feb 11th 2017   Received travel Grant EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course (Poster presented) Malaria genomics and public health, Madurai, India
Professional skills

Experimental techniques   Handling and Restraint of Mice (TierSchVersV), Experiment skills with Biosafety 1&2, cell culture, FACS, Intravital microscopy, chromosomal separation (zebrafish), PCR, Protein expression, Purification of protein, Western blot
Bioinformatics tools and biological databases   Seurat, DEFSeq2, Discovery studio, Modeller, AutoDock4, Chemsketch, BLAST, STRING, GSEA, Galaxy, Ensembl, FastQC, Samtools
Programming languages   RStudio, Python(learning)
System and databases   Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac, MS-Office, MySQL, HTML, CS
Klinik für Kardiologie / Reena Prajapati
Doktorandin Forschungslabor
German - Basic
English - Fluent
Hindi - Mother tongue
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